• School Retake Policy

    1. You must do ALL of the homework & classwork before the quizzes or tests OR NO RETAKE
    2. Retakes must be completed two weeks from the date of the quiz. 
    3. If you are pulled into intervention you automatically get a Retake Form.
    4. If you choose to retake a quiz or test, you must follow the directions on the Retake Request (posted below), once complete you will get a Retake Form.
    5. You will retake it in the front office on Tuesdays or Fridays (Must be completed by the date listed on the Retake Form)
      1. Before school
      2. After school
      3. Or during your lunch
  • Intervention

    -Monday's in PRIDE

    -Students are given an intervention pass if they receive a 0,1 or 2 out of 5 on their quiz. 

    -Students make test corrections. Then they make flashcards to study. 

    -Once the intervention period is over they are given a Retake Form to retake the quiz in the front office (dates and times are listed on the form) 

    -If they do not retake the quiz in the allotted (two week) time they are no longer eligible for a retake. 

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