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1st Period XC/Track PE

  • 18-19 Syllabus

    XC/Track PE is designed to give our athletes a chance to acquire mileage/skill at their event area.  Be it running or a skill event, all of our athletes need the opportunity to work on their skills throughout the season.

     XC PE is first semester and is focused on acquiring mileage and developing strength.  There is a large emphasis on morning running and athlete development over time.  This really pays off throughout the athletes 4 year development!

     Track PE is second semester and is focused on developing athletes strength and skill in their event area.  This added time really helps develop athlete's ability as the season approaches, and throughout the season.

  • Week 20 Schedule:
    June 3-7

    XC Season!

    Group 1 - XC Group Per Training Schedule

    Mon - 7:30 - Track - Per Your Training Schedule
    Tues - 7:30 - Track - Per Your Training Schedule
    Wed - 7:30 - Track - Per Your Training Schedule
    Thurs - 7:30 - Track - Per Your Training Schedule
    Fri - 7:30 - Track - Per Your Training Schedule

    If it is raining at school when you arrive, please meet in room 707.  Do not change in the locker room before reporting, you will be given time to change at the end of the period.