• Cartoon picture of a green crayon, glue bottle, and pair of scissors

     Supply List

    These are the supplies that are not required, but would be appreciated in room 27.

    * 1 inch Durable Reference View 3 ring binder

    * pencil box (approx. 5" x 8")

    * 1 set of headphones/earbuds ( to be kept at school for entire year_


    folder (3 hole punched) to place in binder


    handheld pencil sharpener with catch basin

    glue sticks

    highlighter (thin, light color)

    1 black fine Sharpie



    * most important items


    Wish List

    We currently could use more of these items:

    ^ glue sticks

    ^ tissues

    ^band aids (latex free)

    ^white board markers

    Thank you for your donations!  We appreciate them!