Don't forget you can use your Clever card at home to access all of the Wonders curriculum!


    We only have 6 Flat Stanleys turned in!  Please try to have those turned in my Open House: March 19 


    Information sheet on National Park due Friday, March 13.  We will be using this information to write

    a paragraph in class.


     Wonders:  Week of... 

    March 9  Unit 5 week 3

    March 16 - No Wonders this week (no spelling, vocab or story)


    Open House:  March 19 at 6:00 pm

    Students will be presenting their Biography reports from 6:00 - 6:30.  Please be on time so we can

    start right away!





     *Flat Stanley -  There is no due

    date for this project since many people send Stanley to places across the country and globe!

    It is nice to have all the Flat Stanleys up for Open House though! (March 19)  Please just

    send your Flat Stanley in when he returns from his "travels" for your child to share in class.





    The spelling list and vocabulary are in your child's binder which they will keep in their backpack so you will

    always have it at home and at school when we need it.  Our spelling test will be this Friday.

    The spelling words in the "pencil" on the Unit 1 Week 3 sheet (15 words).  The vocabulary test is also this Friday.  

    We also have a quiz on the story from our anthology this week.






    40 book Challenge

    As your child gets through the 40 book challenge increments (5, 10, 20 and 40), please be sure to send me an email or note so I can either put up their book mark

    in the MPR or move it to the correct spot!




    If you have not already done so, please send earbuds or head phones with your student. We use technology everyday and students need to quietly listen to their devices. Thank you again for your continued support!



    PE days are on Monday, and Friday. Please wear comfy clothes and sneakers on these days. Thank you again for your continued support.



    An overview on Monthly Speaking and Listening/Sharing went home.  Students will be completing  various opinion, narrative, or imformational writings and sharing with the classroom once a month. Please let me now if you have any questions. :)



    The binder contains monthly spelling practice activities.  These activities are for at home practice only and do not need to be turned in.



    We have started our new leveled math facts. Students will have 90 seconds to complete correctly. Tests will be given on Tuesday and Thursday. I will send home copies if anyone would like extra practice.