• Weekly Homework

    **There is no homework when we are doing Online Learning.  

    The weekly homework is due on Friday. 

    Your child will read at least 15 minutes a day.  Practicing their sight words and decoding words are included in these minutes. 

    Guided Reading Books-  Make sure that your child reads the book and then retells the story to you.  This book needs to be returned every day.  Your child might be bringing this book home a couple of times.  Please reread it each time.  

    Don't forget to go to the McGraw Hill Wonders site and reread the stories that we read that day.  The Wonders schedule is on the back of the first page homework menu in their blue folder.  

    Reading Eggs/ Math Seeds-  Your child has started going on their Reading Eggs account.  They can access this site through  their QR code.  It is located in my teacher page at the top.  

    Spelling Homework

    Your child's spelling words are on the homework cover sheet.  On Monday write your spelling words neatly. On Tuesday outline your spelling words. On Wednesday write your speilling words in two colors. On Thursday give your child a practice test to see if they need more practice.  The spelling actiitiies are due on Friday.      

    We will have a spelling test every Friday. 


    Math Homework

    Their classroom math paper and homework paper  will be in the back of their blue folder.  Please return the math homework paper every day.