• Homework

    Homework is sent home every Monday and is due on Fridays unless there is a holiday and then it is due the following school day. Please go to the homework menu inside the binder. Review the instructions about activities to do each day in Reading, Spelling and Math. The only thing that needs to be turned in to the teacher is the cover sheet\signature page with the spelling words on one side and the menu on the other side. Please put your child's name and your name on the bottom of the page and return it to the binder pocket. Please send the binder and the signed cover\signature page to school each week on Friday. Please save all other pages at home. Sharing is also a part of their homework. A sharing page will be sent home monthly along with directions and your child's share day. Some of the sharing assignments have a written component and some do not. If the monthly menu has an asterisk next to the assignment, then it has a written component. Each child will share once a week. Sharing is a wonderful way to practice your child's speaking and listening skills.