• TESTS  50%



  • How often will I get homework?
    All work in the class is meant to further the students understanding and offer practice for upcoming tests and quizzes.     With the exception of online journal writes (blogs) and projects, homework is assigned when a student has not         completed work assigned in class that day Homework will be posted on the board daily, on my website, and students are  expected to record it in their planners.

  • When will tests and quizzes be?
    A test will be given on 2-3 sections of each chapter, and students are given one week notice.  Quizzes are given 2-3 times weekly (called STATUS CHECKS) and check for comprehension of basic concepts from the reading.
    STUDY GUIDES are available for any assessment.

    RETAKES on section tests are given in Mrs. Stoehr's room every WEDNESDAY AT LUNCH.  No retakes are allowed on status checks.


  • What do I have to bring to class everyday?
    You should have the following items with you at all times: your Social Studies spiral notebook, a pen, a pencil.  Sometimes you will need a glue stick, colored pencils, and binder paper.  I will tell students if they need any specific books from home.

  • How do I get help?

    Mrs. Stoehr holds weekly office hours EVERY WEDNESDAY AT LUNCH.  You can get missing work. ask questions, or re-take tests.  Meeting any other time requires making an appointment with Mrs. Stoehr.