• Tips for being successful in Physics:

    1. Basic smart choices:

    Do your homework each and every night! Complete all assignments.

    Ask lots of questions in class.  Those questions should be asked to other students, not just to Mrs. Draughon.  We work in small groups almost all of the time.  

    Take responsibility for your absences and do your best not to miss class.  It is very difficult to handle the work of AP or IB Physics without being present in class.  When you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the calendar for assignments and what was done in class.  Please do not ask me that during class.  Look at the calendar and then approach me about what you already know you need.

    Come to intervention sessions as they are offered and come get help during intervention and after school as needed.  Remember to check Mrs. Draughon's schedule and respect the fact that she is helping many students.

    2.  Form a student study group.  You will do a better job of learning material if you have to explain it to someone else.  This will also help students work through thrir misconceptions.

    3.  Use internet resources such as the ones I have listed below.  These resources allow students to get a different perspective on the same topic.

    4.  Use the textbook - yes you have one!  We don't use the textbook very much for homework or other assignments, but it is a great resource for help and explanation on any of the topics we cover in class.  The best resource the textbook has to offer, in my opinion, is the example problems worked within each chapter.  They are great for students to use to see exactly what was done with each step.

    5.  AP Fast Track to a 5 and IB Study Guide - These resources are great!  The Fast Track book is more helpful after students have studied several units.  I will use it for some assignments in class, but each topic is covered in the book.  The IB Study Guide is fantastic!  It's like a little snapshot of each unit.

    6.  Consider attending UCR AP Readiness workshops.  These workshops have a physics teacher who spends several hours teaching about a topic that we ahve usually just finished or will be getting ready to start.  It's great for extra help.

    7.  Attend Saturday help sessions when they are offered.  Sometimes I schedule a Saturday session to help students for 4 hours with physics.  This usually happens in the Spring near the AP and IB tests, but I do offer those at other times as well.



    The Physics Classroom:  This website does an excellent job of explaining basic concepts.  It also has many interactive demos and activities to help students develop a better understanding of the topics we will be covering in class.

    Flipping Physics Videos:  I love these videos!  They are especially good for AP Physics, which makes them also great for IB Physics and any other physics class.  Sometimes I assign these videos as part of assignments.

    StudyNova Physics Resources:  These resources include video lectures, somw quiz options and some past solved IB papers.  This resource is meant to help IB Physics students.  It would be helpful to others, but not as much as other resources listed above.

    Khan Academy:  You may have used this resource for math help, but they do a good job of physics problem solving help as well.  This specifically targets AP Physics, but would work well for all physics classes.

    Crash Course Physics Videos:  You can use these videos to get help in most of the topics we cover during the school year. 

    Mr. Marek APP1 Videos: I haven't looked at all of these, but they seem to have great promise as being helpful to students.