Students at Work

  • Sketchbooks & Supplies

    Students are encouraged to have their own sketchbook with them to use in class each day. These can be purchased at Ross, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Walmart, and at a bunch of other places. You are also free to make your own sketchbook using blank sheets of paper that are bound together in some way.  The size of the sketchbook doesn't matter, although the binding should be secure enough to keep the pages in tact and organized. We use our sketchbooks to complete drawings, take notes, and to collage/gather reference photos and other clippings throughout the semester. I encourage students to use their sketchbook however they like outside of the classroom---I love it when they add their own style and content in addition to the stuff we cover in class. :)

    Drawers are provided in the classroom for students to store their sketchbooks and other art materials. They are welcome to bring their sketchbook home and add their own drawings and content. Often times students will fill up a sketchbook or two throughout the semester---this is awesome! :) Once you fill up a sketchbook (and to avoid storing two of them in your drawer) please arrange a time to meet with me and I will be happy to grade your completed sketchbook so you can leave that one at home. :) 

    A student holds up a sample from a sketchbook of a Doodle Library   Student sketchbook sample of Baby Groot   Student holds up sketchbook sample of Sweet Treats doodle page

    Art Supplies

    Students are free to bring whatever art supplies they would like to use to class. I provide materials and supplies, as well, but some students prefer to have their own little collection to work with. Each student should have a sharpened pencil and eraser with them each day. It might be wise to keep a small baggie of sharpened pencils and an extra eraser to avoid frequent pencil sharpening interruptions during the lesson and guided practice. A hand sharpener (the kind that catch the shavings) would also be helpful to keep on hand. 

    Suggested items for personal supplies include:

    • colored pencils (the more color variety, the better, as we learn to layer and blend them in fun ways)
    • scissors
    • markers (a fine and extra fine point black sharpie is also helpful)
    • Sketching pencils (we learn to use these in class and sometimes kids like to have their own set)
    • glue stick
    • erasers, pencils, hand sharpeners with a shavings catcher
    •  ink pens (micron or other extra fine point selections)
    • any other fun stuff you want to use to create artwork

     All supplies should be secured in a pouch or ziplok bag labeled with the student's name. Rest assured that the supplies you personally bring to class will only be used by you. If a student asks to borrow your personal supplies, please remind them of my policy regarding "Sharing Is Not Caring" (lol) and encourage them to use the classroom supplies instead. Ask me for help in private if a student continues to ask to borrow supplies and I will discreetly take care of the problem. I want to be sure that the supplies brought to class stay with the student who brings them. :)