• In sixth grade, we have high expectations for student behavior.  By this time in their school career, your child is well aware of the basic rules that all students should follow both in and out of the classroom to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.  Restraint, respect, and responsibility will be stressed.  Time is very limited in the middle school classroom; a student’s behavior that is interfering with the learning of others is not acceptable. Should an issue arise regarding student behavior, you will be contacted promptly. I am confident that students can make the right choices. However, should a student choose not to make an appropriate choice, the following outlines a sequence of possible consequences:

    Student misconduct will be addressed in this sequence:


    1.  Warning

    2.  Seating Change and/or Counsel with Student

    3.  "Refocus" (5 minutes in the hallway or back of room) (parent contact)

    4.  Removal from Class (partial period...send to partner teacher) and/or behavior contract (parent contact)

    5.  Office/Counselor Referral (parent contact)

    **Severe misconduct may result in an immediate Office Referral

    **Lunch detention with the teacher may also be assigned at times (parent contact)