All tests can be retaken for FULL CREDIT anytime during break, before, or after school.

  • The grading policy is very simple in band. Tests have only two grades, a 60% for trying, and a 100% for succeeding. Much like reading, there are specific requirements to get a 100% on a test. When reading a book making up words doesn't mean we read the book, same goes with music. 

    Concerts:        20% 
    Participation:   65%
    Tests/Quizzes: 15%

    For concerts, stuents are graded on participating in the concert, arriving on time, being in correct attire *Band Polo, black pants, and black shoes, ladies may wear black skirt that sits below the knee when sitting) and staying for their entire concert. 

    Participation is based on rehearsal etiquette and participating every day during class. Not having an instrument, losing music, pop quizzes, and disruption during rehearsal all affect this grade. 

    Tests are given in at least a week in advance. These range from scale tests, exercises, and musical ability. All of these tests may be retaken for full credit at anytime before school, after school, at break, or for 6th grade at lunch, throughout the semester leading up to one week before the grading window closes.