• High Frequency Words (a.k.a Sight Words) are words that should be known for instant recognition (read within 3 - 5 seconds - no sounding out.) Here are some suggestions for practice.


    Jump On It! - Copy High Frequency Words on two sets of index cards.  Scatter one set face up on the floor, leaving about a foot between each card.  Place the other set of cards in a stack face down. Turn over the first card in the stack, have your child read the word and then jump on the corresponding card on the floor.  Turn over the next card and repeat the process.


    Rainbow Words - Turn the High Frequency Words into rainbows! Ask your child to write a word on paper in big letters.  Your child can trace around the word again and a gain, using a different color marker, and reading the word each time.


    Go Fish - Duplicate a set of High Frequency Words Each player receives seven cards.  Follow the standard playing rules for the game, Go Fish.


    Concentration - Choose 6 or 8 High Frequency Words.  Make 2 sets of the cards, each set on a different color paper.  Lay the cards face down on the table.  Take turns choosing one card of each color, attempting to get cards that match.  The key here is to have your child read each word that is selected, whether a match or not.


    My Pile Your Pile - Place word cards upside down in a pile.  The child will begin the game by flipping a card over.  If the card is read correctly, they can keep the card.  If there is an error, tell your child the word and let them read it three times correctly.  You get to keep that card.  At the end of the game, the winner will have the most cards in their pile.