Math Peer Tutoring

  • Math Peer Tutoring is an intervention offered to students with math grades in the bottom C range. Students can be invited with as high as a 76% and as low as a 70% to help support their growth in math. Students earning less than a 70% are encouraged to see their math teacher for intervention support. 

    Math Peer Tutuoring is a 2:3 tutor to student ratio and is delivered by one positive peer earning a high grade in the course and one high level math peer. Weekly tutoring lessons are created and provided by our highly qualified Math Teachers. 

    This intervention is by invitation only. Students must have an interveniton ticket to access this interveniton.  It is not a volunteer interveniton and it is not homework help. 

    Questions can be directed to Math teachers, our Math coach, Mrs. Castillo, or our Interveniton Specialist, Mrs. Dickinson. 


Algebra 1


Algebra 2