• Students, 

    If you have missed a day of class anytime throughout the semester you have 3 options to make up the 10 missed points in class. 

    ** In cases where students have missed multiple days, up to 2 weeks, please completed either the Career In Sports or Fitness Center Research Papers listed at the bottom to make up 10 day's worth of class.

    #1 Please download the Writen Make Up file below, find a health/physical education article (atleast 5 parapgrahs long) and complete the questions listed This will take place of missed activities in class and you will earn the 10 points for that day.

    #2 Watch a sporting event such as a junior high, high school, college, or professional sport. Write a one page paper about the sporting event to include the following: 

    - type of sporting event

    - names of the teams

    - time the game started and ended

    - who won the game

    - and what was the final score. 

    Include an evaluation of the game.  What did you think about the game?  What did you learn?  What did you like or dislike?  Any unusual rules or odd plays in the game?  Have your parent or guardian sign the paper to verify that you attended the game.  1 full page = +10 participation points.

    #3 Download the Physical Make Up File.  Complete all the exercises listed and have your parents sign off verifying you completed the work.