School supplies, including scissors, folders, crayons, markers, erasers, glue sticks, composition books, and a glue bottle.

School Supplies

  • We will supply your child with everything they need in class.  The following items are always needed and greatly appreciated!  :)


    For Your Student:

    • 2 Expo markers, thick, black, low-odor
    • 2 Black Sharpies (one fine tip, one extra-fine tip)
    • **Earbuds or headphones (personal set, labeled in a baggie to be kept at school)**    *Important!  :)

    For Classroom Use:

    • Elmer's glue bottles
    • glue sticks
    • colored pencils 
    • Crayola Markers (set of 10 or more)
    • Crayola Twistable Crayons
    • Kleenex  :) 
    • baby wipes or other disinfecting wipes
    • ziplock baggies (quart and gallon)

    Personal items will be stored in your child’s pencil box or desk, so please encourage your child to not bring extra items from home because our desks are not very big!  Class items will be for all students to use.


    Mrs. Saffell and Mrs. Owen