Absent Work


     When you return from an absence: 
    1. Go to the library before school and print out that day's assignments from my website.
    2. When you get to class, go to the blue tub and find the folder for the day you missed; for example, if you were absent August 22nd, go to folder marked #22.
    3. In that folder you will find both the Math and Social Studies handouts (if any) from that day.  Take one copy of what you need.
    4. Look at the Homework Board.  If it is still the same week, check what it says with the notes from my website you printed out.
    5. Ask you seat partner or someone else at your table to explain if you are confused.
    6. When class is dismissed, you may show me your planner, the assignment you printed out and any handouts, and I will be happy to help you with anything you need...

    You will have until the Monday after the absence to complete any work. 

    PLEASE ... 

    1) Staple the paper you printed at the library on top of your work.
    2) Put your work in the Absent Work Bin.
    3) Don't forget to put a heading on your work. (NAME, DATE AND PERIOD)