CSF Fall 2019

  • Fall Applications are now available!  We are accepting applications digitally through google forms.  Please read the application carefully.  If you have any questions filling out the form, please see Mrs. Arban in room 206 before school or after school any day.  


    Application Link


    The application will close Wednesday, September 4th by 3:00pm.
    For this online application, please make sure to attach your Spring 2019 Semester Report Card!

    In order to get your Spring 2019 Report Card, you must see a front office staff member. They will print out your report card for you. Unfortunately, infinite campus will not allow you to go back to access your Spring 2019 report card.

    No late applications will be accepted.

    An acceptance list will be posted on this website on Sept. 9th and our first meeting will be on Sept 10 in the PAC.  

    Freshman are welcome to apply, however CSF does not formally recognize freshman year.   

    Please make sure you sign up for the correct remind account.  

    New Remind Accounts:

    Text the appropriate code to 81010

    Class of 2020: @gocsf2020

    Class of 2021: @gocsf2021

    Class of 2022: @gocsf2022

    Class of 2023: @gocsf2023

CSF Description and Award Levels

  • CSF stands for the California Scholastic Federation.  We are a scholastic club with a community service element.  There are scholastic qualifications to be part of this club.  We are a chapter of the state organization of CSF.  The motto of CSF is "scholarship for service". Please see the CSF website for more information on the history, origin, and purpose of the organization.

    You can be a member of CSF without participating in the community service portion, however you will not be considered an "active" member.  Non-active members can not qualify for as many awards at the end of their senior year as the active members.  We encourage all members to be active, but please be aware that if your schedule can not accommodate attending the community service events, then we suggest being a non-active member. We only allow three absences per semester. If you have more than three, then you will not be active for CSF for that particular semester.   In order to qualify as an active member you must attend the meetings and get 10 hours of CSF sponsored community service per semester and participate in a fundraiser. Please see the minutes page of this site for our meeting power points that cover CSF approved and sponsored events. 



    *Lifetime (Sealbearer):  In order to be a CSF Life Member (i.e., Sealbearers), a student must have been a member of CSF for at least four of the last six semesters of high school, including one semester during senior year using grades earned during the senior year – fall semester and/or spring semester  (May or June grades).  Only grades earned in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade “count” towards CSF Life Membership.  So you begin counting semesters with spring semester of the sophomore year..

    Award: Lifetime members receive a certificate and a seal on their diploma



    100% Members: The one hundred percent certificate, bearing the Federation 

    chapter seal. 100% membership means that the student 
    has qualified each semester beginning with the grades 
    earned the first semester of the tenth grade, has applied for 
    membership the following semester, and has again 
    qualified on grades earned in the last semester of attendance (second semester senior year)

    Award: 100% certificate, seal on diploma



    *Lifetime Plus: Defined by 4 active semesters of membership in the last 6 semesters.  One active semester must be with senior year grades.

    Award: Certificate, seal on diploma, tassel for graduation



    *CSF Highest Honors:  Defined by 5 active semesters of membership in the last 6 semesters.(10-12)  One active semester must be from senior year grades. 


    Award: Certificate, seal on diploma, tassel and honor cord for graduation

CSF Membership and Meetings

  •  Fall Active Status List - check this list to see your status.  Please see Mrs. Arban in room 206 with any concerns.  

    Fall Membership List

    Meeting Dates for Fall 2018 Semester

    9/4  9/18  10/2  10/16  10/30  11/13  12/4  12/18

     Abrenica - Lora: Room 508

     Lumabas - Ziani: Room 510

    Spring Membership List


    Freshmen are not officially recognized by CSF, but we allow you to be an honorary member of CSF if you so choose. 

CSF Resources

  • Presidents - Raymond Lee and Nish Sinha

    Vice Presidents -

    Secretary -

    E-mails for each are on the GOHS CSF website






    Advisor: Mrs. Arban room 206 darban@tvusd.k12.ca.us



Meeting Power points

CSF Community Service Requirements

  • In order to keep the integrity of being a CSF member, our club requires that in order to be an "active" member of CSF, you must perform your CSF community service hour requirements with the club at CSF club sponsored events.  Each week at the meeting we provide a list and explanation of the upcoming opportunities of CSF sponsored events.  In addition, the events are posted this website in the power points. If you have an event you want to be CSF approved, please use the CSF approval form below.  Being an "active" member is optional.  

    You can still be a member of CSF without being active, solely based on your GPA.  See the awards section to understand how that can affect your senior award status.  

    Here are the requirements for being an "active" member for CSF"


    *10 hours of CSF approved events

         *only 2 hours can be from donations

    *1 Fundraiser

    *Regular attendance at the Tuesday lunch meetings (you may have up to 3 absences)


    All community service hours need to be in a "CSF sponsored" event. This means you must get approval before the event takes place or you perform the hours in order for it to be counted as CSF approved.  Click on the following form to apply for an event you want to be approved: 


    CSF event approval form


    Community Service Event Form - Please bring this form with you when you complete your hours in order to get the supervisor to sign you off!!!  Mrs. Arban and can not sign you off on something that we did not see you at.  




CSF Status Previous Semesters