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  • Weekly Reading Passage Homework

     The Weekly Reading Passage goes home in the Homework Folder on Mondays, and reflects Phonics and High Frequency Word (whole class) instruction for the week.  Depending on a student’s reading level, the passage can be used in a variety of ways.  Please feel FREE to do what works best for your child.


    Suggestions for Differentiation

     **For Above Grade Level Students:

    1. Listen to your child read the passage independently.  Be sure that your child stops at punctuation and reads slowly enough to add expression.
    2. Ask your child to read the daily comprehension question and find (and underline) the TEXT EVIDENCE that supports the answer.

    *Use the Wonders Website to access your child’s weekly Reading Group book.


    **For Students At (or not yet at) Grade Level:

    Start by BREAKING DOWN THE PASSAGE to make it more manageable:

    1. Find any words in the passage that your child knows instantly.  Use a highlighter pen to mark those words. (Especially High Frequency Words, previously memorized.)
    2. Locate some of this week’s Spelling Words in the passage, and highlight those also.

    Support your child in reading the passage, GRADUALLY moving toward independence by week’s end.

    • Read with your child:  You can read all of the non-highlighted words in a sentence, and your child can read the highlighted ones.
    • Read one sentence at a time, and your child can read the same sentence after hearing you read it.
    • Read the ENTIRE passage to your child, stopping after each sentence to ask comprehension questions.

    Take turns reading – you read the first sentence, your child reads the second sentence etc