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  • There are only two things your child really needs for our classroom: a 1-inch, three ring binder with clear pocket and their own pair of headphones to use with the chromebooks (this helps spread germs in our room). We do have headphones in our computer lab that all students can use as well.  They DO NOT need either of these items on the first day of school. If you choose to send a pair of headphones for your child, place them in a gallon size baggie with their name on it please. Do not send in earbuds.  I have a few extra if you are unable to provide for your child.

    Donations of the following would be greatly appreciated to share with all students:

    - Markers
    -Water Color Set
    - Twistable Crayons
    - Glue sticks****
    - Liquid school glue
    -Oil Pastels
    - Hand sanitizer
    - Disinfecting wipes or baby wipes
    -prize box items
    -Dry erase markers
    - Zip-lock bags: quart and gallon size

    -Oil Pastels
    -brightly colored or white copy paper

    *I also encourage you to send your child to school each day with a water bottle and a recess snack preferrably with a "pop-top" lid to avoid spills .