• This course encompasses an integrated approach to science as reflected by the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards. Our emphasis is on “doing” science rather than “memorizing” scientific facts. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for authentic inquiry to mimic the world of real science. This year, TVUSD began a textbook adoption process for our Middle School Science courses.  Your student is enrolled in a class that will be using two different textbooks and sets of resources throughout this semester. The two publishing companies of the textbooks being considered are Discovery (August - October) and TCI (October - December).  These materials allow our teachers to utilize multimedia resources that are content-rich and aligned with our state’s Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  The scope, sequence, and science frameworks will remain consistent with the other grade-level courses. Each unit taught will complement the strong instruction and successful learning outcomes that are already embedded in our TVUSD courses and classrooms.  We are excited about this opportunity for our students, teachers, and district and thank you for your support as we continue to embark on this journey.  

6th/7th Science