• This year in SIXTH GRADE we will be learning about Ancient History. Early Humans, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, and Rome, as well as the origins of various religions and beliefs and their impact on the growth of civilizations.

    et ready to learn Social Studies in a way you never have before!  If you like history, you'll like it more before you go on to the next grade.  If you hate history, you'll still like it more than you did! 

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     Grading  Policy for 6th Grade:

    • 6th grade Social Studies grades will not be weighted.
      • Types of categories 
        • “I HAVE LEARNED” Assignments:
          • Assessments & Projects
        • “I AM LEARNING” work:
          • Practice & Classwork
    • Check Infinite Campus for final grades
    • A ZERO is given for work that is not turned in.
    • Late work is not acceptable.  Please talk to Mrs. Paden about any extenuating circumstances.  
    • Absent? Excused absences have an opportunity to make up work. IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT ABOUT MISSING WORK.  Talk to Mrs. Paden.

    • Online grades will be updated weekly or every other week, and are accessible 24/7. See Grading link under General Info for more instructions.