• Nightly homework:


    Each night your child will come home with a math lesson (I call it a math "newspaper") and a practice page.  The newspaper is to help parents understand the lesson and does not need to be returned.  The practice page needs to be completed on both sides and returned the next day.

    Working on math facts is also important to work on each night!  There is a sleeve with practice facts as well that can be used with a whiteboard marker for easy erasing each night!


    Weekly spelling lists (along with vocabulary and grammar skills) are in a clear sleeve in your child's binder.  There are 4 weeks of lists in a clear sleeve that correlate to the units in Wonders that we are working on.  There are 10 spelling words, 5 bonus words and I choose 5 of the high frequency words to include on spelling tests each week.

    Spelling City




    Your child should be reading 20 minutes per night.  Each child has the QR card to access Clever which will take them to the Wonders site.  There, they can access the leveled readers we are using in our small group reading groups, as well as the stories we are reading in the Workshop book and Anthology each week.  The Clever link will also allow access to Moby Max and RazKids reading as well.  These are also outstanding apps to help your child develop their reading skills.