• ***Students will turn in all homework on Friday morning in their yellow folder, which will include all math pages from the week, as well as a practice Spelling Test stapled to the front.  Please make sure names are on the homework.

    Homework folders will come home nightly Monday-Thursday and should be returned to school each day.  Leveled Readers will come home Monday and Tuesday, and should be read by students to parents that night, and returned to school the next day.  On Wednesdays and Thursdays, students may bring home a larger book (Readers Writers Workshop and/or Literature Anthology), with a story as reading homework or a library book.  Except for the library book, all books must be brought back to school on the next day, as other students may need a turn with the book.   

     Monday-Thursday homework will include:

    *15-20 minutes per day of students reading to parents from leveled books, anthologies, and/or home library if a school book is not sent home, and a little sight word practice (High Frequency Words)

    *3 Spelling practice activities per week, one of which should be a practice test done on Thursday.

    * Math pages from the black math homework book that correspond to math pages brought home each day. 

    No homework will be given on Fridays.



Brown dog chewing homework page