• Supply List
    The following is a list of items your student will be needing throughout the year.  It is not required that you provide these items.  Your child will have access to everything they will need no matter what.

     The following are things that will be shared among the general class:

    Treasure Box items (or gift cards to Dollar Tree where I buy the treasure box items), 10 Dry Erase markers (your child will use 10-12 this year), Post-its, Baggies (all sizes, including the 2.5 gallon), paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, sanitizer wipes (nothing with bleach please), #2 pencils (please sharpen before you send in), packages of 1.3mm mechanical pencils, big pink erasers, red pens, tacky glue, and glue bottles but NOT glue sticks, and bandaids.

     These items will be for your child specifically:

    16 Twistable Crayons (must have the 8 basic colors included), 1 composition book, 1 spiral notebook, 2 pocket folders and headphones for the Chrome Books.  You may also send in 2 -- 1.3mm mechanical pencils.  There is not enough room in the pencil boxes for more than that at one time.  

     Many things on this list are consumable and we will need them throughout the year.  I will send home notes when we are in need of something.

     Students may bring a small pencil sharpener with a larger catch basket to have in their desks.  Please do not send battery powered sharpeners.  They are very noisy and the batteries only last a couple of weeks.

     Due to the size of our desks and the textbooks we must put inside of them we are unable to fit more than 16 Twistables.  I will provide the crayon box and scissors.  I do have left handed scissors for those that will need them.

     Thank you for your support.  We are going to have a great year.
    Posted by: Roxanne DeWitt
    Audience: Roxanne DeWitt