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    Room 35 Nightly Homework

    Reading: Please read for 20-30 minutes each night. Students write the title of the book and parents sign the sheet in the front pocket of the homework folder. Bring this folder and the sheet to school every day. Parents need to sign the sheet. This sheet will be collected on Friday. The new reading log will go home on Friday, in case you want to record any reading minutes done on the weekend. The reading log is the only requirement for homework, however, there are many extra credit opportunities if you'd like more.

    Extra Credit: Please staple any extra credit to the back of the reading log cover sheet that is turned in on Friday.

    Language Arts

          • You may study the spelling words. Students can turn in any spelling work they complete for extra recognition. Example: student writes words in sentences and underlines spelling words, or writes each word 5 times each. There are many options. Be creative if you want!
          • You may study vocabulary words. Students can turn this work in also! Example: Students can make flashcards to learn the definitions. Students can put the words on the fridge and encourage family members to use them when speaking. Be creative! The possibilities are limitless for extension.
          • You may do additional iReady minutes in Reading.

                                   Math Fact Practice - for extra credit in math, please see below.

          • There will be almost daily math pages to complete in your folder. 
          • You may print your own worksheets, study flash cards, or do online drills.
          • You may complete additional iReady minutes in Math.
          • Once we begin using X-tra math on the iPad, you may use the app for extra fact practice.
          • These are the facts typically mastered by the end of the school year.
            • Addition sums to 20 (2nd grade)
            • Subtraction from 20 (2nd grade)
            • Multiplication 0 to 5 (3rd grade)
            • Multiplication 5 to 10 (3rd grade)

    Homework Recording Sheet