• Mustang Library Hours

    • Monday – Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 3:55 p.m.
    • Open during break and lunch (when classes are not scheduled).
    • Lunch passes are always required. Passes are given by the campus supervisors.
    • Modified Days: Library closes at dismissal time, 12:25 p.m.


     Code of Conduct

    The Library/Media Center is a place for reading, research and studying.  It is expected that all library users follow the following guidelines:

    • BE RESPECTFUL of classmates, teachers, the library facility, all materials and equipment.
    • Please refrain from bringing any food, gum, or drinks into the library.
    • Students must be actively working on class work, homework, research, or reading while in the library.
    • The privilege of using the library computers will be restricted if a student violates the TVUSD Student Use of Technology Administration Regulation (4).
    • The privilege of using the library will be restricted if a student violates the code of conduct.


    ID Cards

    • Always bring your current year ID Card. Your ID Card is required for all books checkouts.
    • If you have lost your ID card, you can buy a replacement at the front office for $3.00.


    Computer Use

    • The internet at Margarita Middle School will only be used for school-related research. At no time, games or browsing the internet by going from one page to another are allowed.
    • Topics that will be questioned by library staff include such things as: video games sites, skateboarding, pop music/videos sites and anything else that appears to be non-school related.


    Printer Use

    • Students may use the computers to complete class assignments. Before you print, please be sure to do so from a Word Document, NOT directly from a website.
    • Students are allowed to print a maximum of 3 pages. If more prints are needed contact the library staff.


    Library Catalog

    • The Online Library Catalog is available on all computers at school or at home for book searches.
    • Log onto the TVUSD Website, click on the Students taba, choose Library click on Library Resources, click on Margarita Middle School. This takes you to the school’s library catalog.
    • Type in the subject, and then click the keyword or subject icon. If you know the title or the author of what you are looking for, you can click that icon.
    • The Boolean search (where you can use AND, OR, NOT) is under Power Search, click then enter your topic.


     Library Book Policy

    • You must have no overdue books or fines
    • You may check out 2 books at one time
    • The check out period is two weeks
    • The book may be renewed one time if there are no holds for that title.
    • If you lose or damage the book, a fine is applied
    • If you check out a book and you notice that there is something wrong with it, bring it back to the library immediately and we will repair it.


    Textbook Policy

    Each student is responsible for between $280.00 to $370.00 worth of textbooks.

    •  ID cards are required for all textbook checkouts. 
    • Write your name, in pen, in the front cover of each of your textbooks. 
    • It is recommended to write the barcode number of each book on page 4 in your MMS planner for your own record
    • Students are expected to return the same book that was issued to you at the beginning of the year. Many times student’s turn in a book, but it is not the book they checked out at the beginning of the year. The barcode number must match the one on the students’ library record to clear their account at the end of the year.
    • Books are to be used only by the student to whom the books are issued to. DO NOT loan your books to your friends. If they lose the book, YOU will be charged for it.  
    • Keep books clean, as there is a charge for any damages. If a book is damaged when you check it out, let the staff know immediately. We will repair it or issue you a new book.
    • Do not put water or juice bottles in your backpack with books.
    • Do not play or tamper with barcodes; if one comes off, there is a $5.00 charge for replacement.
    • DO NOT leave a textbook in a classroom. If the book ends up missing, the teacher is not responsible for its loss:  YOU ARE!   
    • Keep books dry during the rainy season. If a book comes back wet, you will be charged a fine.


    Contact Information

    Library Staff:

    Agnery Cruz--Library/Media Technician

    Nicole Carrel—Library Assistant I

    Karen Mercier—Library Assistant I


    Address and phone number:

    Margarita Middle School

    30600 Margarita Road

    Temecula, CA 92591

    (951) 695-7370 Extensions: 4082 and 4083


Contact Information