HL Psych Calendar 19-20

Sociocultural Studies

IB Psychology - Higher Level (HL)

  • Higher Level (HL) Psychology in the IB program is a two-year course of study. This specific page is for those students in the second year of the course that we designate HL2. IB Psychology in general focuses on three core approaches to psychological research and inquiry; biological, cognitive, and sociocultural. At the HL, students consider special extension topics within each core approach; the role of animal research in understanding human behavior, cognitive processing in the digital world, and the influence of globalization on individual attitudes, identities and behavior. In addition, HL students also explore two further topics as part of the optional course content outlined by the IB program; abnormal psychology and the psychology of human relationships. Throughout the course of study, students analyze and evaluate psychololgical concepts, theories and research, and even get the opportunity to design and implement a psychological experiment of their own.