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  • List of Religions to Study in this Course

    • Baha'i Faith

    • Buddhism

    • Christianity

    • Hinduism

    • Islam

    • Jainism

    • Judaism

    • Sikhism

    • Taoism

    The course will cover a selection of 5 of the religions listed above.

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IB World Religions (SL)

  • IB World Religions is a unique course, something that you would not normally get to take until college. The aim of the course is to increase understanding of the major religions of the world, to encourage empathy, and consider how religion affects our lives.* The goal is not to promote any one over others, but to learn about the history, beliefs, practices, and impacts of each faith on lives of its practitioners. This is a course about discovery, that encourages curiosity and respectful inquiry. It's a worldwide journey to exotic places and many points in history and helps to give a greater appreciation for the color and variety of our global society.

    *Source: IB World Religions Guide