Seal of Multiliteracy
Seal of Biliteracy

About the Seals

  • TVUSD recognizes the importance of our students being ready to be a part of a global society. In recognition of the dedication and hard work of our World Language students, we honor our Senior graduates with the California Seal of Biliteracy and the Riverside County Seal of Multiliteracy.
    The seals on the diploma identifies them as to have  met a rigorous  challenges in demonstrating their proficiency in English and another World Language.
    The purposes for instituting the Seals is:
    • To encourage students to study languages
    • To certify attainment of biliteracy skills
    • To recognize the value of language diversity
    • To provide employers with a method of identifying people with language and biliteracy skills
    • To provide universities with a method to recognize and give credit to applicants for attainment of high level skills in multiple languages
    • To prepare students with 21st century skills that will benefit them in the labor market and the global society
    • To strengthen intergroup relationships and honor the multiple cultures and languages in a community.
    Specific requirements may be viewed at Seal of Biliteracy and Seal of Multiliteracy 

    Seal of Multiliteracy CHS Verification Form

    Seal of Biliteracy Appeal Form

  • Seal of Multiliteracy: Autobiography Prompt

    The prompt is released in May. Below is the prompt that has been used up until 2017. This is also the format that they want in your writing the autobiography. Follow the red instructions step by step. 


    Copy and paste the information for the Multilit Autobiography. Use the following link: RCOE Seal


    Template for your essay is the following: