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    Congratulations! You have reached your candidacy for the Seal of Biliteracy! This seal offers you the distinction of admission to colleges, employment and career opportunities. Having a biliterate diploma is an amazing honor and privilege. We are proud to offer this to our 4th year World Language students. 

    Here you will find very important information that will help you be successful on the course. The Important AP Information Links is especially important. It has all the links to success on the course and has taken years to develop. My goal as your teacher is not only to prepare you to do exceptionally well on the AP exam, but to show you the rich culture, history and significance of its people. We put everything you have learned together and create an exceptional Spanish scholar.

    Important AP  Information Links - 

    Essential Exam Format

    AP Recording Upload Instructions

    • Open your TVUSD Google Account.
    • Label the folder you are going to upload
      • Your first and last name
      • Name of Assignment
      • Example: Juan Bobo P2 Formal Speaking1
    • Drag and drop your folder into the class folder.
    • Record yourself in class using

    Noticias en Español
    These are news sites, which provide documents, articles, and audio, are especially useful for AP courses. At these sites, students can print or read online a news article in the Spanish language, hear the article read (audio files), and use the news article to answer questions provided by the teacher or to summarize information. News sites will especially help with the new AP Exam and focus on synthesizing information. It is very important that you read authentic resources in Spanish to enhance your language skills.

    Examples include:
     BBC News in Spanish
     CNN en Español
     El Pais
     Prensa Escrita
    La Raza

     Weather in Spanish

    Practice AP Exams: Free Response - Click on the year and it will take you to the web page you need.