Interdistrict Transfers Out of TVUSD

  •  FOR RESIDENTS OF TVUSD – to Request to Attend / Continue Attending a Different DISTRICT


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    2021/22 (current) school year:  Available now

    2022/23 (next) school year:       Available now


    Starting with the 2022-23 school year, Interdistrict Transfer requests between TVUSD and the following districts will be approved for the entire grade span (elementary, middle, or high school):

    • Murrieta Valley Unified School District
    • All school districts within San Diego County

    Once approved, students from these districts will only need to submit renewal requests when they go on to middle school (6th grade) and high school (9th grade).

    All other districts must continue to submit yearly renewal requests up until, and including, 10th grade.



    These transfers must be approved by both TVUSD AND the district you are requesting to attend.

     SUBMIT ONLY IF you will continue to live in TVUSD, and you wish to attend a different district  (for example, Fallbrook or Hemet).

    ♦ DO NOT SUBMIT if you are moving to another district and will live there at the time of attendance.  Please contact your current school to withdraw your student, and then enroll at your new district, instead.

    Your student does NOT have to be enrolled in TVUSD, in order to request a transfer to attend a different district.

    TVUSD reserves the right to limit the number of Interdistrict Transfer approvals OUT of the District, based on the percentages of average daily attendance.

Steps To Follow:

  •                                                                      *** COMPLETE BOTH STEPS ***


    Step 1:   

    Fill out ONE ONLINE PORTION PER CHILD for the year you are requesting.  Once you click "submit", you will be directed to a link for a form that you will need to print and fill out.

    For the 2022/23 (next) school year:  CLICK HERE

    Step 2:   

    Submit the form(s) that you printed and filled out to the district you are requesting, and wait to hear back from them.





    For questions regarding transfers that are NOT answered on our web pages or in the FAQ, or if you need to make a change or cancel a transfer request, please email