Know Your Rights

Annual Notifications For Parents

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    State law requires the governing board to notify parents or guardians of minor pupils enrolled in Temecula Valley Unified School District ("District') schools of the legal rights and responsibilities pertaining to their child(ren)'s education. The governing board recognizes that the District is responsible for ensuring that it complies with State and Federal Laws and regulations governing educational programs. The District is required to give annual notification to parents and guardians regarding certain portions of the instructional program and matters related to school administration. Each parent or guardian is required to sign that you have been informed of your rights. Your signature is an acknowledgment that you have been informed of your rights; it does not give consent for your child or ward to participate in any activity or program in the schools. Some legislation requires additional notification to the parents or guardians during the school term prior to a specific activity. A separate letter will be sent to the parents or guardians prior to any of these specified activities or classes. Other legislation grants certain rights that are spelled out in this Annual Notification. The governing board encourages each parent and guardian to read and know their rights under the laws governing the education of their children. The District and its governing board recognize that parent or guardian involvement in their child's education promotes student achievement and contributes greatly to the student's success. Parents or guardians are urged to fully exercise their rights according to the laws that are explained in this Annual Notification.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact the principal of your child's school.

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