Grading and Percentages

  • Grades are posted on my website Infinite Campus every 2-3 weeks.  You can view them by visiting the BVMS website at, then clicking on “teachers,” then “Sanford”.   Grades are calculated by the percentage of points on assessments given in class.  

    Teachers do not give grades to any student.  The student earns the grade by completing assessments in class and at home.  The easiest way to earn a good grade is by paying attention in class, putting names on papers, being an active member of the class, completing assigned work, turning it in on time, and being prepared for assessments and tests given.

    If a student has a question about their grade, it is best if the student lets me know at the start of class and plans to stay after class so the question or issue can be discussed privately.   Students in middle school who advocate for themselves and discuss questions or problems with the teacher are more likely to advocate for themselves as adults.  

    Students who cheat on an assignment, quizzes, or tests, either by copying answers or giving answers to other students will receive a referral and suspension from class. 

  • Language Arts

    5% District Assessments (2 per Semester)
    45% Tests / Essays / Projects
    30% Quizzes / Drafts / Worksheets
    20%  Practice / Accountability

    Social Studies

    50% Tests / Essays / Projects
    30% Quizzes / Drafts / Worksheets
    20%  Practice / Accountability


    100-90%                  An "A" indicates Exceptional work 
    89-80%                    A "B" indicates Above Average or Outstanding work
    79-70%                    A "C" indicates Average work
    69-60%                    A "D" indicates Below Average work
    59% and below     An "F" indicates Failing work

Homework Grading

  • Homework in Mrs. Sanford's Class is graded for one point each under Practice / Accountability. Each assignment is worth one point and is all complete or all not complete. When a student completes the work, the student earns the one point for that assignment.  When the student does not complete the work, the student does not earn the point.  In the grade book, it will show as missing.  This point will not be earned back when the student completes the work.  However, once the student shows Mrs. Sanford the completed assignment, the work will change from Missing to Late.  In this way, Mrs. Sanford will be able to demonstrate for parents the exact percentage of homework completion their child is finishing and turning in on time to Mrs. Sanford. Only a small portion of homework will be counted towards a final grade with a score on the assignment. These assignments, if turned in late will receive only partial credit (ie., -2 pts per day on 10 pt. assignment or earning the highest score of a B if tuned in one day late). 

    If your student is absent, s/he are required to check Mrs. Sanford's Planner / Agenda for the assignments to be completed.  Students must complete assignments within TWO DAYS of the absence for the assignment to be graded for full credit.  After TWO DAYS the assignment will receive a ZERO if not completed and be marked as missing or late if completed following TWO DAYS after the student returns.

Test Corrections

  • Beginning of the Year to Parent Conferences

    1) Student performing below 70% may complete test / quiz corrections up to Parent Conferences in October for 1/2 point per correct answer.  
    2) The student's grade on the test / quiz is below a C-.
    3) Students must take the test / quiz home to show their parent / guardian and get a FULL SIGNATURE in ink from the parent / guardian on the test they plan to correct and return the test / quiz within a week after the test / quiz was taken
    4) Forms turned in late or without a parent signature will receive no points earned.  

    Parent Conferences to the End of the Year 
    No test corrections will be allowed.

Intervention / Planner Grading

  • Intervention or 7th Period is a class designed to help your students receive the help they may need prior to leaving school for the day.  In this way, students make arrangements to return to and meet with a teacher they may need additional help and ask questions they did not have time to ask during the class itself.

    In addition to students having the ability to receive help, Intervention consists of students working on homework from all classes, but also weekly reading of a chapter book or novel at least once a week for the entire period.  Finally, students are graded on filling out their planner and receiving a score each day or week for the planner and obtaining a PARENT SIGNATURE WEEKLY.