Community Service Opportunities

Service Ideas

  • GOHS requires all students complete Community Service as part of developing productive contributors to our community.  There are many benefits to completing community service.  Not only do the student positively affect the lives of others, but such service also helps students develop skills, contacts and allows for them to improve the lives of others. Community service is known to boost students self-confidence, self esteem and life satisfaction with the knowledge that they are doing good for others and service a purpose in their community.  Research shows that students who do community service projects and activities are more likely to do well in school, and have less stress and anxiety. 

    Therefore, GOHS AVID seeks to develop student's service learning experience, combining learning objectives with community service in order to meet a socieatal need. GOHS AVID Students are required to complete DOUBLE the community service hours required for High School Graduation. GOHS AVID Team knows that in addition to the socieatal and interpersonal benefits, an excess of Community Service can BOOST a students potential for receiving scholarships. 

    The GOHS AVID Team works to provide a plethora of Community Service opportunities to meet this end.

Image of two students, one teen one child.
  • The event is for individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in different activities such as basketball, bowling, golf, hula-hoops, etc. As a volunteer, students would be paired up with an individual and act as their “buddy” for the event. This means going around to the different activities and assisting them with the activities as needed. Students would be expected to arrive at 8am and volunteer for the duration of the event. Lunch and water is provided.


    The volunteer application is available online at

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