• Summer Assignment

    Tell about 2 activities you did this summer; 1 should be something you did for yourself, and 1 should be something you did for someone else. When you have completed the activities, complete the following reflective writing assignment:

    1. Describe each of the two activities.
    2. Explain how you felt during each activity
    3. Then, explain how you felt after each activity.
    4. Compare Activity #1 and Activity #2 in regard to how you felt during and after each activity?

    This assignment is due the Monday after school begins

AP/IB Psych Resources

  • Rules for Test Corrections

    For Each Item Chosen:

    1. Define the term or concept the question is referring to
    2. Re-state the question in your own words
    3. Explain the correct answer


    • May do up to 4 questions only to receive points equivalent to a 10% boost in your grade
    • May not cause your score to exceed 100%
    • Incomplete corrections receive no points (i.e. no half credit)

AP/IB Psychology

  • This is a blended course including the content of the AP Psychology course and the IB Psychology Standard Level (SL) and first-year Higher Level (HL) courses. Both the AP and IB courses emphasize a thorough knowledge of Psychological concepts; the AP course tends to focus on concept application while the IB course tends toward research and its application. This course blends those emphases together so that students are prepared to take either the AP exam or the IB SL exam. Students may also choose to continue their study of Psychology by entering the second year of the IB HL course after their completion of this year.