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Coming From: THEN Your Freshman Course is
Math 8 --> Algebra 1
Accelerated Math 8 --> Geometry
Compacted Math 8 --> Algebra 2 or 2+
Concepts Math --> Your IEP for the Team's Decision
Math Pathway
  • Consider the following when selecting a pathway

    All students have the opportunity to move fluidly through their individualized math pathway that allows access to challenging course level content, high-quality mathematics instruction, and supports student interests inclusive of necessary supports to promote mathematical development.

      • Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 or equivalent are requirements to graduate from High School and for entrance to university.
      • Statistics and Data Science I and II do not validate A-G requirements in math for CSU/UC applications.
      • Calculus D is a one-semester course paired with Linear Algebra OR Differential Equations, which are offered in alternating years. 
      • Students often take Calculus D and IB Math HL at the same time in their senior year. 

    All Special Education course placement is determined by the annual IEP team and is for students in the Special Education program only.


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Department Teachers
  • Since the teacher is the key to the quality of the education that a student receives, we math teachers at GOHS are committed to continually improving our instruction. Central to that commitment is our spirit and practice of collaboration. The Mathpack at GOHS meets weekly to share and create more effective ways to teach mathematics. We do this by setting goals, giving common assessments, and designing lessons.

    While we are a very collaborative bunch, our intent is not to be instructional robots. While we have agreed upon some common standards and practices, the Mathpack offers a wide variety of teaching styles and embraces our instructional diversity. We believe that our diversity and the fact that we agree to disagree make for a powerful and effective collaborative process.

    Rather than sharing the same style, we choose to share the same instructional philosophy described below. 

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