Photo of Planet Earth


    Earth and Space science concepts (Physical Science concepts). 


    Welcome to Physical Science concepts. 

    This course is a science option and will meet your high school graduation requirements for Physical science.  This is a non-lab. course but will provide plenty of science demonstrations on selected science learning standards from NGSS.  Although this course does not meet college A through G requirements, it will meet requirements for graduation with a diploma from high school.  This course is specifically for students with an IEP that want to participate in learning about Earth & Space sciences.  This course will cover selected topics from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) based science curriculum.  Topics begin in the Fall semester with an introduction to the scientific method, Earth science, layers of the atmosphere, planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe.   The second-semester covers science investigation, volcanoes, earthquakes, Mountain building, erosion and deposition, valleys and coast, fossils fuels and carbon, renewable and non-renewable energy, climate change, water cycle, and farming.