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  •  GOHS Earth and Space Science

    Welcome to Earth Science Class.  This class is a physical science option and will meet your high school graduation requirements for physical science.  We are a lab based course here a Great Oak High School and you will do a lab or activity each week. Universities, like the UC’s, accept this as a LAB based (D) course. 

    We have a wonderful New Generation Science Standards (NGSS) based science curriculum.  Topics for the fall are Fossil Fuels and Carbon, Atmosphere and climate change, then land shaping for Mountains, valleys and coasts.   Spring semester will be Plate tectonics and Earthquakes, Water use and Farming, Urban Geoscience, and ending with the Stars and Universe.  

    Please check my website for PowerPoint’s from class, we wil use Google classroom for all things digital.  Your grade will be posted on-line through Infinite Campus, make sure you know you ID and password to check it is best it get updates on your phone.  I accept all your work, even when late, but do not get behind on assignments- that causes stress, bad learing and low grades.

    Class Expectations

    1. Ask questions, learn, think and participate.  
    2. Do your own work and thinking in class at school every day and write it down in your notebook.  Keep all your work.
    3. Be kind and courteous.  Know and follow all school rules, district rules, state and federal laws.  Ignorance is not an excuse for poor behavior.  

    Standard Based Grades- Categories and Percents

    1. Test and Quizzes=40%
    2. Labs, Projects and Scientific Method Activities=30%
    3. Textbook work, Notes and vocabulary=10%
    4. Final Exam=20%

    Instructional Segments for  NGSS High School Earth and Space Sciences in California

    1 Oil and Gas- Oil and gas are resources that allow us to harness energy from ancient life, but also cause us to unleash ancient carbon into the atmosphere.

    2 Climate Data reveal that carbon in our atmosphere has a big impact on global temperatures and climate. Humans, in turn, have a big impact on carbon in our atmosphere.

    3 Mountains, Valleys, and Coasts Water shapes and sculpts our landscapes.  The process is sometimes thought of as slow and steady, but often occurs as catastrophic events when driving forces exceed resisting forces.

    4 Water and Farming California depends on its precious water resources to sustain its people and its farms.

    5 Causes and effects of Earthquakes Earthquakes and motion at the surface give clues to what goes on deep inside the Earth.

    6 Urban Geo-science The majority of California residents live in urban areas that are shaped by the natural environment. Our urban expansion in these areas requires that we also think about how human activity in turn affects the natural environment.

    7 Star Stuff-Everything on Earth is made of ‘star-stuff.’ Earth depends on its closest star, the Sun, for almost all its energy. The light from all stars provides clues about what they are and how they shine.

    8 Motion in the Universe-The structure of objects in our Universe and the motions of all bodies within it are driven by the competition between the explosive force of the Big Bang and the attractive force of gravity.