This is a picture of the Golden Bike award.
First Bike Train 2018-2019
  • The Bike Train has been a long-standing tradition at BES. We love to ride our bikes, get a healthy start to each school day, and encourage others to do the same.

    We are currently the reigning champions of the Golden Bike Challenge, having beat Paloma Elementary School in our last showdown to see which school could get the greatest percentage of students to ride to school over the course of a week! We won this honor in the Spring of 2019 and proudly display the Golden Bike in our office.

    This year, with continued school closures, we have not been able to ride to school and host the Bike Train. But, we are eager for next year and cannot wait to get everyone out and riding again. All you need is your bike and a helmet! All riders are welcome - students, parents and siblings! We hope to see you there. 

    Stay tuned!