• Week of February 17 - 21


    Monday:  Holiday

    Tuesday:  Study all notes and vocabulary from Diary of Anne Frank.

    Wednesday:  Complete the Unit 2, "In Time of War" Review crossword puzzle.

    Thursday:  Work on your World Organization Project. Guidelines are on google classroom.

    Friday:  World Organization Project due by midnight.  



    * All worksheets, charts, vocabulary lists, etc. can be found in 'My Locker' on the homepage.


  • Upcoming Test Dates:

    Comprehension and Vocabulary test on "Diary of Anne Frank" is Wednesday, 19th.

    Unit 2 "In Time of War" Common Assessment is Thursday, 20th.

    Research Project on a World Organization is due Friday, 21st. Submit to google classroom.



     Extra Credit Activities:    

         Research Anne Frank and list facts about her life in hiding.

        Create a word cloud for one part of speech. Directions can be found in my locker.

        Create a poster of an oxymoron to display in the classroom.

        Create a poster of an onomatopoeia to display in the classroom.