• Spelling:

    *Study spelling words; the list this week is Unit 5, Week 4. There will be a test on Friday.

    *The words are written in your child's binder reminder, and they are also in the spelling tab in your child's homework binder.

    *Try out (go to the Links section) to practice the words. 



    *Read for at least 20 minutes each day. If you take home a bookbag, read the book for your reading group.

    *The orange Wonders book (and bookmark) will come home on Wednesday this week. We are working on Unit 5, Week 2. The vocabulary and comprehension test will be on Thursday. 




    *Monday: Practice test for Topic 11 (test on Tuesday)

    *Tuesday: Reflex

    *Wednesday: Lesson 13-1

    *Thursday: Lesson 13-2


    **Reflex Math (online math facts) will continue each week. Students are responsible for getting 2 green lights for homework this week by Friday.