Make up Procedures


    The Last Day to do a make up is May 31, 2019


    Important Note

    A make-up may be done for non-discipline point reductions (i.e. medical, parent notes, absences, excused tardies, etc.).

    A make up may not be done for discipline point reductions (i.e. non-participation, tardy, gum, non-suit, etc).


    Make-ups may be done in three ways:

    • Primary Method:  Off campus run - Students may do a run outside of school time.  
      • Download and Install the MapMyRun or MapMyWalk App on your phone - The Free Version works, sponsored by Under Armor.
      • Create an account:  Follow the directions in the App.
      • "Friend" your teacher:  Use the menu on the top left in the App. (Search for "Mr Dunckel")
      • Do a workout: 
        • Running  You must run at least 1.0 miles in a time that is close to your normal run time (less then 12 min/mile pace).  You may earn the following points during a single run.​​​​​​​
          • 1 mile = 10 points
          • 1.5 mile = 20 points
          • 2.0 mile = 30 points
          • 2.5 mile = 40 points
          • 3.0 mile = 50 points
        • Walking:  You must Walk at least 1.5 miles (18:00 Min/Mile Pace).   You may earn the following points during a single walk.​​​​​​​
          • 1.5 mile = 10 points
          • 2.5 mile = 20 points
          • 3.5 mile = 30 points
          • 4.5 mile = 40 points
          • 5.5 mile = 50 points
      • Make sure you start and stop the App clock.  The GPS mapping does not do well in a confined area, so run in an area at least as large as our football stadium.  Questionable maps may not be accepted.
      • Share your workout with your teacher to get your credit for the workout.
    • Secondary Method:  Spirit Run - During class, the teacher may offer an opportunity to do a Spirit Run (Not always available)
    • Special Circumstance:  PowerPoint - Medical and prolonged absences may do a PowerPoint Presentation with pre-approval of teacher. This will only cover part of the absence due to state requirements for activity. 


    PowerPoint Guidelines

     Important:  A PowerPoint may only be done with preapproval from your instructor.

     You may do a 10-slide presentation using PowerPoint or Google Slides.  The presentation will be worth a maximum of 30 points (one per week).  The PowerPoint should include the following:

    • Slide 1:    Title Page (Title of Project - Your Name - Period)
    • Slide 2-9: Informational Slides (Discuss your Topic and add details)
    • Slide 10:  Work Cited (3 Minimum)

    The topic must be Health or Fitness Related (Examples)

    • Heart Rate Indicators
    • How to improve your fitness
    • How to use Target Heart Rate to Improve your Fitness
    • Healthy Living
    • Weight Loss Principles

    Turn in - Options (Due Friday)

    1. Send an email with the PPT attached to your teacher
    2. Upload to google drive and share with your teacher
    3. Print 6 slides per page and turn in to teacher.