• First Semester Units of Learning

    Reading:  Central Message, Lesson, or Moral

    Writing:  Narratives, Dialogue

    Language Arts:  Multiple Meaning Words, Affixes

    Math:  Multiplication and Division

    Science:  Life Sciences

    Social Studies:  Early Inhabitants of our Temecula Valley

    VAPA:  Visual Arts

    PE:  Playground/Recess Games, Stretching, Cardio


    Second Semester Units of Learning

    Reading:  Expository/Informational Text Main Idea and Key Details; Persuasive/Opinion Text Author's Point of View

    Writing:  Expository Multiple Paragraph Essays; Persuasive Multiple Paragraph Opinion Pieces

    Math:  Fractions, Measurement, Area/Perimeter, Time, Volume/Mass, Data

    Science:  Weather

    Social Studies:  Early America; Settlers/Explorers of the Temecula Valley; Modern Day Temecula

    VAPA:  Performing Arts (3rd grade musical program)

    PE:  Playground/Recess Games, Stretching, Cardio, Teamwork and Cooperation