11/7-11/19 & 11/28-11/30: The Senior counselors will be available to help students with their college applications during lunch in the back of the library.



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    Application season is in full swing. Here are a few Cal State Apply reminders to assist your students.

    The priority application period for the Fall 2020 semester closes on Saturday, November 30.  November 30th falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Please encourage your students to apply early. Students should enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without the stress of a pending deadline.

    Application Submission

    Once the application is submitted it is considered complete and updates cannot be made.  Please remind your students not to click through the warning messages regarding A-G completion and high school coursework.

    Dual Enrollment - College Coursework

    Below are a few points regarding dual enrollment/college coursework:

    • Applicants should specify that they are a Graduating High School Senior with College Credit on their Extended Profile
    • All college courses that will appear on a college transcript should be reported on the College Transcript Entry screen, even if the course shows on their high school transcript or was taught at their high school.
    • Courses should NOT be entered under the High School Coursework page
    • Students will indicate that they will not obtain or plan to obtain a degree from the college attended.
    • students will then add the appropriate A-G category to each college course manually in the A-G Matching Screen
    • The application will automatically grant a full year of high school credit for each college course

    This information can be found in the Freshman Coursework Entry Guide. The guide can be found in the Applicant Help Center.

    High School Coursework

    ACT and SAT Test Scores

    • If students took the ACT, their results may be sent to any one CSU campus and Cal State Apply will share their official test results with any other campuses they have applied to within the California State University. We highly encourage them to report their ACT ID to assist us in matching their test score.
    • If they took the SAT, they can send their results to all CSU campuses to which they applied using the CSU-wide code 3594, or they can send their results to just one campus and Cal State Apply will share it with any others to which you’ve applied. They are highly encouraged to report your College Board ID to assist us in matching their official test scores.

    Educational Opportunity Program

    Help students not miss the deadline to apply for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Some but not all campuses have a deadline of November 30, 2022 for EOP applicants. Even if a student has submitted their application to the CSU, they can still go back into Cal State Apply to indicate they are interested in applying for EOP if they haven’t missed the campus’s deadline. To check the deadline for the campus(es), go to EOP Admission by Term (also available as a PDF). Also, at least one of the recommendations must be from someone who knows the students’ academic history, such as a teacher or counselor.