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    Why Study World Language?
    Encouraging students to learn multiple languages will give them the tools to compete in a global world, according to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Libia S. Gil, assistant deputy secretary of the Office of English Language Acquisition.
    "Today, a world-class education means learning to speak, read and write languages in addition to English".Redlands Daily Facts (CA 2/20) (2/20)

    Need Help with World Language?

    Every teacher in our department is committed to the success of their students. If you need help we will gladly offer resources for help you meet your academic goals.  Our teachers offer tutoring and one-on-one help during CAT 30, just ask for a  pass.

    Peer leaders also offers tutoring to all students. See your counselor about getting a pass to attend their tutoring sessions. 


    Practice Spanish at your pace, using these various sources to meet your needs. 


    New 2019 California World Language Standards  TVUSD is committed to making our students Global Citizens. As such our district offers a tremendous variety of world language. Chaparral offers the the most, with the following languages:

    • ASL
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish


    Spanish 2 Final Review

    Based on the review guide you received in class you may use the following web site to better prepare you for the final exam.

    **Spanish 2 Review Materials


    Independent Spanish Learning Strategies

    This is a list of websites that you can use to improve your Spanish skills.

    1. Go over the chapter summary at the end of each chapter and make certain you ...more


    Online Resources

    We encourage the use of Quizzlet and Kahoots to practice the concepts we are learning in class.




    Seal of Biliteracy Qualification

    Our school has created this form to help you see if you qualify for the seal. Every requirement must be met and retained by the end of 1st semester. Stoles are ordered the 1st full week of March, on Friday.

    Click here to view the State Seal Checkoff


    Click here for the TVUSD Verification Form This form is to be used to appeal your status. It must be returned to the school registrar when completed. It is due by the last day of February. 


    Preparing for the Seal of Bi-literacy and Multiliteracy

    The following are resources that will help you be ready for the Seal of Bi-literacy. One of the most challenging aspects to qualify for the seal is the English requirement of earning a Proficient or ...more