Grades & Grading Policies

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    Parents and students may check grade status and missing assignments by following the link: 

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    Grades are updated at least once a week. Homework assignments are entered usually within a day of being turned in. Thursday night homework will be entered Monday morning at the latest.


    Compacted 7 → Compacted 8

    Accelerated 8 → Geometry

    Compacted 8 → Algebra II Plus

    Math 8 → Algebra I


    Expectations for Compacted Students

    Students should earn at least a B- and must have strong test/quiz scores to be recommended at the end of the year for the next course.

    Students in Compacted 8 whose test/quiz grades fall below a C- at the end of the first semester will be recommended to move into the Accelerated 8 class at the end of the first semester if there is room.


    Expect homework Monday through Thursday. (when on traditional schedule)

    Expect a quiz or test at least once every two weeks.  

    Talking during an assessment results in a score of at most 50% that assessment.

    Late assignments receive at most 50% of the total assignment points.

    Math 8 Grading Categories

    Math Practices (includes homework, classwork, & participation)

    15% of overall grade

    i-Ready (Weekly practice)

    5% of overall grade

    Assessments (Teacher and site assessments)

    75% of overall grade

    Math Progress (District  assessments and performance tasks)

    5% of overall grade

    Compact 8 Grading Categories

    Math Practices (includes homework, classwork, & participation)

    20% of overall grade

    Assessments (Teacher and site assessments)

    75% of overall grade

    District Assessments (District performance tasks and semester finals)

    5% of overall grade



    A   100 - 94

    A-   93 - 90

    B+  89 - 87

    B    86 - 84

    B-   83 - 80

    C+  79 - 77

    C    76 - 74

    C-   73 - 70

    D+  69 - 67

    D    66 - 64

    D-   63 - 60

    F    59 and below


    Homework is a means for practicing math skills. 

    Students, you should do your homework each night and then check your answers on-line.  At the top of your homework,  write how many you got correct by yourself and then write specific questions about problems you still don't understand after looking at the answers.   Time will not be given usually in class to go over homework.  


    Not every homework assignment will be given a grade.

    A "T" means that the assignment was turned in, but not checked for accuracy or completion.  

    A blank means the assignment has not been entered yet. Blanks do not affect the course grade.

    An "M" means the teacher either did not receive the assignment OR the paper had no name and needs to be claimed so it can be entered.  An "M" score results in a score of "0" and is computed into the student's grade.


    Homework assignments that are graded will receive a:

    10 if everything is correct with work shown  down to a

    5 if 50% or more of the problems are incorrect or if the assignment was late.


    Information about Certain Math Programs


    Delta Math

    This site is used for independent practice.  How does this site work?  Click on the assignment. Answer the questions.  For every question you miss, you must do one additional problem to get 100%.

    Example: The assignment says you must get 5 correct to earn 100%.  Suppose you do 5 problems, but get 2 of them wrong.  Then your overall reported score is a 3 or 60%.  However, you can make up those points by doing more problems until the total correctly answered problems - number of problems missed = 5.  As soon as the difference is equal to or greater than the overall number you need, your score becomes a 100%.   You can do additional practice if you want at that point.  You always should work towards the 100%.  If you get stuck, watch the video.  If you still don't understand, email me so I can help you.