Course Informational Letters (includes expectations & policies), Supplies Lists, and After-School Help Sessions


    After-school help is available from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  Occasionally this schedule changes, and students will be notified in class.  Each week's schedule is written on a board at the front of the classroom.

    If no students have shown up by 3:00 p.m., the help session is considered over, and the teacher will leave.

    After-school help is only effective if students actively participate. 

    To get the most benefit from this time, students should be willing to work with other students if the teacher is busy working with another student or group of students. 

    Students who are not working or who are distracting others will be asked to leave.


  • Supply List for All Classes

    All Classes

    • pencils
    • extra lead for mechanical pencils
    • at least 2 ballpoint pens (black, blue, purple, or red)
    • whiteboard markers
    • a highlighter
    • lined paper
    • graph paper
    • spiral notebook or composition book which should be used only for math
    • 3-ring binder or folders to keep all loose paperwork from class (Math 8 needs 8 folders)
    • an eraser
    • a ruler
    • scientific calculator (TI 30XS recommended)

    Math 8 (in addition to the above list)

    • a protractor

    Compacted 8 (in addition to the above list)

    • spring bow compass with precision center wheel. You definitely want one with a wheel inside, not outside. Other compasses may look pretty, but they frequently do not work well and/or tend to break easily.
    • a protractor
    • index cards


    Optional Items

    All Classes

    • pencil sharpener with cover
    • colored pencils

    Math 8 & Compact 8

    • tracing paper (parchment paper works great - you can get a roll at the grocery store)

    Compact 8 only

    • graphing calculator (TI 84 Plus recommended)  These are used only for a couple of in-class assignments. Buying one is not necessary as I have a class set.  If you buy one of these, you don't need the scientific calculator mentioned above.


  • Expectations

    Come prepared to work.

    Respect yourself and others.

    Take responsibility for your learning and actions.

    Strive for your personal best.


    Challenge yourself to go beyond basic expectations.

    Develop strategies for success.

    Daily Routine

    Homework on desk


    Lecture/Activity of the Day

    Material Turn-in/Summary



  • Work Policy

    All work is expected to be completed and turned in on time.

    Every assignment should have the following heading in the upper right-hand corner of the page:

    • First and last name
    • Assigned date
    • Period
    • Page number and assigned problems, if applicable


    Policy for Work due during Absence

    • Students will be given two days for every excused absent day to make-up work, tests, or quizzes with the exception that long-term assignments are due the day on which the student returns.
    • Students are responsible for copying notes from a friend, checking the paper return tray for any assignments that were missed, and for setting up a time to make up any missed tests or quizzes after school within an appropriate time frame.
    • If students are absent due to a school activity, such as chorus, band, DEAP, or student council, any work that is due on that day must be turned in on that day to receive full credit.  Also students should contact a classmate to get that day’s notes.