• Letter grades are comprised of Quizzes, Exams/Alternative Assessments, class work and homework.

    Categories below are weighted accordingly:

    Practice = 25% Students will work on an assignment in class and finish it for homework)


    Applications = 30% (This category includes writing assignments/short constructed responses)


    Class Quiz/Tests= 40%


    District Exams=5%

    Grading Scale:

    90-100%= A range

    80-89%= B range

    70-79%= C range

    60-69%= D range

    50% or below= F range

    No late work or homework is accepted, unless it is due to an absence or a students' Individualized Education Plan allows for extra time to complete work/assessments. The grace period from a one day's absence is 3 days, then it becomes a zero score. Print out the hard copy of the assignment, either from home or the school library and turn it into me. If it is a Canvas assignment, please email me the exact period and title of the assignment.

    When absent for a quiz or test, it is the student's responsibility to take it during the intervention period to avoid a zero score.

    You are responsible for any missed work due to illness. Get a pass to come during 7th-period intervention, to make up work or to ask for help on any assignment you need help with. Grades are updated weekly. It is your responsibility to be aware of your grade at all times and to communicate with your parents.


    You need to make sure you take any missed quiz/test/assessment ASAP during our intervention period!. Please be sure to talk with me to see what you need to review in order to be successful on any missed assessments due to absences. These cannot be taken during regular class time as you will miss new learning and I don't want you to get behind.  


    Class Rules

    Sit quietly when the bell rings

    Stay in your seat

    Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak

    Follow directions the 1st time they are given

    Keep feet, hands, and objects to yourself.


    (for not abiding by the class rules…they are issued in order)

    #1 Verbal warning

    #2  Behavior Courtesy Contract

    (must get a parent signature on it and return to the teacher the next school day) 

    #3 Parent Conference and/or a Formal Referral

    EXCEPTION: Anyone causing harm to another student or staff person earns an automatic formal referral. 

    Digital Citizenship: Any student who mistreats or misuses the Chromebooks will earn a formal referral. 

    Anytime we have a guest teacher, (a substitute), students are expected to follow class rules and Code of Conduct. If a student acts up, Ms. Hamilton will go to #2 and  #3 and call home to alert parents of the misconduct, that is, if the #2 Courtesy Contract is not completed and returned signed by a parent.


    Intervention/Enrichment Expectations-Period 7

    1. Come in quietly.
    2. If you have a pass to go get help from another teacher, hold it up at the very beginning and I will send you on your way.
    3. If you need to take a quiz/test from an absence raise your hand and tell me what specific quiz/test you need.
    4. No talking the entire 28 minutes!
    5. Work on homework.
    6. Bring a novel to read for enrichment.
    7. If you don’t feel like doing homework or reading you may draw on paper you provide or put your head down to rest.
    8. No leaving the room to use the bathroom or for any other reason as this is a focused time for teachers to provide help to those who want it.
    9. Failure to meet expectations results in a “Fail” grade on your Progress Report!