• Grades are based on the following

    • Participation/Effort
    • Sportsmanship
    • Teamwork
    • Social Skills
    • Skill development
    • Fitness
    • Google Classroom Responses

    Everyone has the opportunity to be successful regardless of athletic ability!


    Grades and points will be earned in the following categories.


    Participation- Students are required to participate every day, in every activity.  They are given the opportunity to earn up to 10 points per day.  Points will be deducted for the following:

    • non-suits
    • lack of  effort/participation
    • unsportsmanlike conduct
    • poor social skills
    • bad attitude

    In addition to participation points, students will earn grades for Fitness and Runs.


    Fitness Day- Students will participate in weekly fitness days.  Fitness tests will be administered periodically to measure improvement.  Fitness will be evaluated and graded according to state standards. 

    Run Day- Students will complete 2 different types of runs for a weekly run-grade. 

    • Endurance Run- Students will run for a specific amount of time.  Grades will be determined by how many laps are completed within the specified time.
    • Timed Mile Run- Students will be timed on how long it takes to complete 1 mile.  Grades will be determined by their time.

    Google Classroom Responses- Students will be required to complete written responses to a variety of standards-based physical education questions.  


    Points may be deducted for absences.  Students must complete a P.E. Absence Make-up Sheet for each day they are absent in order to earn full-credit.  Please complete the form located on this web-page.  If a student is absent on a run or fitness day, they will need to complete make-up activities in addition to the Absence Make-Up sheet.