• 2021 Summer Assignment:


    Here is a link to the document showing all AP and IB Summer Assignments. Follow the link to find my information.  Read it and following instructions.

    If you follow all of the instructions, you should end up with a Classkick account and find the Summer Assignment.  I can answer questions in Classkick if you "raise your hand" on the screen.  

    Send any other questions to my school email address: tdraughon@tvusd.us

  • Grading Scale:  A 90-100; B 80-89; C 65-79; F below 65

    Absences (missed work):  Students are expected to check the class calendar for all missed assignments and to ask me for help finding those, when necessary.  If they miss a test or lab, it is expected they will make that up within the following time spans:

    1 Day Missed = Lab or Test must be made up the next day.  The student should prepare to stay after school if that is what is needed with my schedule.

    2 Days Missed = Student should make up the test or lab within 2-3 days.  It will be important to discuss that with me the first day back in class, but it is the student's responsibility to do so.

    3 Days or More = Speak with me.

    Tests or Labs not completed will result in a zero grade.