I am moving all info, assignments, etc. to Google Classroom. Join Code: nom8ye9

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  • Remember to sign up for AP Classroom

    @ myap.collegeboard.org

    classroom codes:

    PERIOD 4: N92E6G


    PERIOD 5: X32K6M

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  • The due date for Topics 9 - 13 has been moved to Monday, May 6

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  • Extra Credit:

    Find 5 videos (or helpful websites) each semester, worth 4 bonus points each. Search youtube.com for videos on topics we are studying, watch it, and send me the link in an email. In your email, give the topic the video covers and what you found helpful or learned from the video. If I like your video I will give you 4 extra credit points.

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  • Quizzes:


    If you are absent, Chapter quizzes should be made up on the day you return to class (unless the absence was extended.) You may correct any quiz (EXCEPT A HOMEWORK QUIZ) given in class where you achieved less than a 70%. To correct a quiz, redo any problem that you missed. Your new score will be calculated by multiplying the corrected quiz score by 70%  (The maximum for the corrected quiz is 70%.) So I can return quizzes in a timely manner, once I grade and return the quiz,you can no longer take the quiz - if you do not take the quiz, I will use the unit exam to calculate your quiz score.

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  • Missed Tests:


    There has been some problems with students not being responsible in making up missed test in a timely manner. If a student misses the day of the test he/she should be prepared to take the test the day they return from their absence (unless it was an unusual number of absent days). It is the students responsibility to make up the test. If a test is not made up by one week after the absence the student will receive a 0 for that test and will need to take the retest exam for a score.

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