Course Description: Introduction to the fundamental elements and principles of art. Exploration of a variety of dry and wet media. Primary emphasis on developing the student’s perceptual capabilities and representational skills.


    Sketchbook and pencil will be needed everyday in class. Sketchbooks can be lined notebook, drawing pad or hole punched paper in a binder. The goal of the sketchbook is to track progress, experiment and reflect on your growth as an artist. A pencil and black pen should be brought to class every day. 

    Materials will be available for all students but students can purhcase their own supplies if they prefer. 

    We will be using the following supplies throughout the year: 

    Colored Pencils


    Charcoal pencil


    Ink pen


    Donations of supplies are always appreciated.  

    We are always in need of the following supplies:

    Masking Tape

    Black Felt Tip Pens

    Glue Sticks


    Colored Pencils









    Students will be assessed on the following:

    Work Habit- working to the best of their ability everyday.

    Craftsmanship- presentation of final projects.

    Fulfillment of Assignment - adherence to the objective of the project.

    Creativity-solving the problem of the project in a creative manner.

    Attitude- positive approach to project.


    Tentative Assignments

    1. Observational Drawings of Hands
    2. Negative Space Drawing
    3. Ink Composition
    4. Colored Pencil Soda Can Drawing
    5. Geometric Design
    6. Perspective
    7. Comic Strip
    8. Colored Pencil Animal Drawing
    9. Watercolor Painting
    10. Portrait Drawing
    11. White Colored Pencil drawing
    12. Year Long Elements of Art Project